Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Particular Sadness Of A Lemon Cake- Aimee Bender

             The Particular Sadness of A Lemon Cake is all about feelings in food. That s what hooked me onto this book. The book is a story on how little Rose Edelstein bites into a piece of lemon cake made by her mom for her birthday and feels the empty feeling in her mom. Rose goes on to empathise with others through the food they make. It becomes unbearable for her to go on feeling what others feel. A young Rose does not want to feel when she eats and only wants to enjoy the food. But eventually she learns to live with her ability.

              Aimee Bender has done a marvellous job when it comes to Rose Edelstein. But her characterisation of the brother Joseph only leaves you muddled and confused. The frequent disappearances and appearances of the brother makes you want to think that he s a delinquent kid but she has not done a great job in convincing you that he is. Looks like Bender herself is in tangles about Joe s life.
                When it comes to all the other characters, Bender has done a great job. She has depicted the Father and the Mother realsistically. Parents and more adults who do not want to wake up to the greater predicaments of life.Joe s friend George is the ideal guy in the book and scores well with whoever is reading. An endearing character.
                  Rose s growing up and learning to fight with the world is well penned but Aimee Bender could still have done better in those tantrums and hopelessness. She could have included a little bit of fun and happiness in a young Rose.
               On a closing note,The Particular Sadness Of A Lemon Cake is at some places too sweet and some places too sour. Like a cake whose batter has not been mixed well.

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