Monday, April 23, 2012

How Do You Clear The Mess?

I ve been dormant here for sometime now. I know it. But then, i dont believe in writing a post for the heck of writing it. I shall write only when i feel upto it.
       When i was a teenager, i used to talk. Way too much. Yapping would be more appropriate. And my mother used to try etching a small theory into my mind, Silence Is Golden. I used to ignore it as best as i could. You know, the typical teenager attitude. But suddenly, like out of nowhere, i transformed. My mom s lesson sank deep into me like an anchor of a ship. And i became quiet. Not like i dont talk at all. I am not of one those old fashioned English School matrons. No not in that way. But i choose not to talk when i know that my inputs are going to make a mess.
         It was a difficult task to do in the beginning. After all, when you have chattered on like there s no tomorrow, it becomes an uphill climb to resist talking. But, i learnt eventually and i must say, it has rewarded me well. From the time when i changed till now. It s kept me out of mess beautifully and for that i m immensely thankful to my mom.
         You may ask, how can keeping quiet solve anything? But it s true. There s absolutely no point in talking when you are angry. I remember reading somewhere. What you do in anger can never be right. And it s not like i dont get angry. But the way you tell the world that you are angry makes a heck of a difference. I was the shouting match person. You piss me off and you would get an earful. And i used to love scoring points in the match too. But then, i realised that scoring points in the shouting match was not important at all. What was crucial is scoring the person over. So, it began that way. There was a time i used to get so angry that i never for once thought about what i m talking. Rationality was scarce when anger was abundant. But then, when i began letting go, i realised that i had more people on my side. Ready to love me and have me around. And that feeling was heaven as against the satisfaction of winning a shouting match.
         I must talk about spilt milk here. In my opinion, you can undo anything in the whole word. But you just cant undo what you ve spoken. Once you have said it loud, you have said it and that s that. On the other hand, you are angry and you let it be till the next morning, believe me, the feeling just goes away. You can be sad for sometime but you cant be angry for long. No, that comes with a heavy price and it s very difficult to clear the mess afterward.
          From being a teenager to a jittery new bride to a lazy home maker now, the theory of Silence is golden has taken me to places. Has earned me immense respect.And in the process, lots of love. I cant be in more agreement with my mom now. And if there s a messy conversation, i feel keeping quiet is the best way to clear the mess.

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