Monday, March 18, 2013

The First Time Of Many Times

The clock struck seven.
I too had just turned seven.
Friends and folks were everywhere
In the house, for
I was going to cut my first birthday cake.
The knife dug in.
Ma bit the first slice and
Shoved some into my tiny mouth.
I knew there were going to be many more such cakes
But i shall forever treasure
That first cake with the mickey staring into my eyes

It was a rainy afternoon,
When the teacher beckoned me
I only wondered what it could be.
I mean, what could a teacher have to do with me.
I didn't remember being impish that morning.
She took my notebook and flashed her best smile.
And she scribbled a tiny star at the bottom of the page.
I knew there were going to be many more such stars
But i shall forever behold
That first star as though it was a celestial star.

On a hot summer's afternoon,
Daddy came home with a large bottle of fizz
Wrapped in red and lettered in white.
I couldnt contain the excitement
When the liquid bubbled over the glass
As daddy poured it for me to relish.
I knew there were many more such glasses for me to clink
But i shall forever remember
That fizz that felt like a tiny fountain in my throat.

I was taller than most girls in the class.
And a blinker perched gingerly on my nose.
Clearly i was not going to be the object of any one s attention.
May be that s why that glance, that sneaky glance
From that boy from the back
Made me somersault over and over in my head.
I knew there were many more such boys and even more somersaults
But i shall forever hold close to my heart
That first glance, for there shall be no such glance with so much ire.

His first bark was a low gurgle.
Tail all curled up and one ear dog marked,
He came leaping into my house.
He became the friend that i never had.
He also became the sibling that i never had.
And then one day, he chose
To say good bye, silently yet succinctly.
I knew there will be many more such barks
But i shall forever think
Of that first bark for one more that can make me as happy will never come.

A noisy place. They called it a pub.
I  was not very sure if i would like it.
Loud music. Neon lights.
And people screaming.
And then the drink.
One sip and i knew my life has changed for all it s worth.
And by the time that first glass was down to the last dregs,
I had the world in my hand.
I knew there were many more such drinks to gulp,
But i shall forever hold dear that first sip that made the world mine.

A sprightly June it was.
The monsoon begrudged us.
The boy came.
To the wedding hall.
I was to be married
To this boy, whom i had hardly known
For less than a year.
Oh! he had promised all that he had to.
But still 'less than a year' of socialising
Kept appearing like an apparition.
It was time for him
To tie the knot.
He did and all at once
I knew there shall be no more such times.
And that the moment shall be frozen in my memory
For i do not want another such time.
For its this man, first and last in my life.