Saturday, April 20, 2013

My Dream Business

That s such a difficult question to answer. My dream business. What would my dream business be? If everything goes well, i would probably be setting up a restaurant and also write cook books for a living.
A restaurant that specialises in Fusion Indian Cuisine. A restaurant named Mojo's, that will create enough magic to tickle many tongues. And then, a few cook books about quick cooking, vegetarian food and Indian food. I would name all my cook books, With Love, Tomato Blues.
So, that s not one but two dreams. But like any other business, my dream businesses would also require meticulous organisation.
And what better way to be meticulous other than using Office 365. With all its cool features, its a boon to new and old businesses alike. I can write away all my recipes to my heart s content and save all of my hard work online using Office 365. No more worries about your PC acting up and kicking the bucket. No more hassles of taking a back up either.
Communication also becomes a breeze with Office 365 because of its VoIP services. And that would be a true gift for my restaurant. Keeping track of clients' palates, new reservations and connecting with the clientele would become simplified. With options like Home premium and Small Business packages, Office 365 is a comprehensive solution to all small scale businesses.
For a cookbook writer like me, photos of food and recipes are very precious. And a 20GB storage on Sky Drive is just the answer for my storage problems. I can click, write and store in a very organised way, thanks to Office 365.
But wait. The best part is yet to come. Brilliance of Office 365 lies in its flexibility. The option to install and use Office 365 in 5 PCs is something that s commendable and indispensable in today s harried world. My computers at home, my restaurant and my office can be easily connected, thanks to Office 365. I need not carry USB devices stored to their brim with data. For, i can easily access all my documents online on Sky Drive.
Now, all i need is a little money and i would be all set to start up Mojo's and  With Love, Tomato Blues.

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